Research shows business travel spending on Uber rides has dipped in the US, with rival Lyft overtaking in the ride-hailing sector.

The Certify Spendsmart Report analyses data collected from automated travel expense management firm Certify’s customers. It reveals that Uber has taken a hit in the business travel sector for the first time since Certify began compiling the report – down to 54 per cent in Q3 from 55 per cent in Q5.

However, ride-hailing apps are growing in popularity for business use, with US-based Lyft increasing to 11 per cent of the ground transportation category in Q3 from eight per cent in Q2. In that sector, car rentals and taxis also dipped, dropping to seven per cent and 28 per cent respectively.

In the US, Uber lost even more ground in cities such as San Francisco, where its share of travel spend fell by eight per cent and Lyft saw gains of nine per cent. Uber is also falling behind in user ratings, getting 4.1 stars compared to Lyft’s 4.76.

View the full Certify report here.

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