Global travel risk consultancy Drum Cussac has released an add-on feature for its Globalriskmanager platform to enable two-way communications between businesses and travellers in the event of an incident.

Roll Call helps companies get in touch with their people to ensure their safety and provide assistance if a health, safety or security risk arises.

The feature is fully integrated into Globalriskmanager to provide risk monitoring, real-time alerts, people tracking and communications in one platform. Incident responses are centralised in one dashboard, so users can monitor replies and identify those travellers they need to prioritise, according to Drum Cussac.

Users can customise SMS and email communications so they can quickly establish the safety of their travellers, and Drum Cussac says travel managers can evaluate risks by country, location or individual proximity to an alert before triggering Roll Call.

The platform also logs communications and responses to allow businesses to refer to reports to improve future actions.

Roll Call is available as an add-on for subscribers of Peoplemonitor.

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