ITM has agreed a partnership deal with technology firm Traveldoo, which is part of Expedia.

Traveldoo, which opened its first UK office in London last year, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with ITM throughout 2013. The company offers web and mobile platforms for booking business travel.

The deal will include Traveldoo working with the ITM on a series of events including a technology workshop in March, a buyer forum in October and also taking part in the ITM annual conference in Windsor in April.

ITM’s CEO Simone Buckley said: “We are delighted that Traveldoo has instantly recognised the opportunities ITM presents and has chosen to work with us so closely across the full calendar year.”

Paris-based Traveldoo was purchased by Expedia in October 2011 but it works separately from Expedia’s main TMC operation Egencia.

Julian Mills, Traveldoo UK’s country director, added: “We are focused on delivering leading edge technology and innovation for the buying groups within the business travel arena and what better way to interact with this community than partner with the UK’s leading association in this space.”

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