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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

Ryanair cuts fees following customer complaints

Ryanair has unveiled its latest attempts to improve customer service with a range of changes to its policies on charges and baggage.

The amendments came following feedback given by customers to Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary (pictured) through the Ryanair website and during two Twitter Q&A sessions he hosted earlier this week.

The airline has now announced a series of amendments to its rules on charges and fees following passenger complaints and comments.

These changes include:

  • From November 1, passengers booking directly on the Ryanair website will be given 24 hours to amend minor mistakes such as spellings, names or routing errors made during the original booking. Although this will not apply to bookings made through a travel agency or third-party websites.
  • From November 1, Ryanair will remove its security feature “Recaptcha” from its website for individual bookings.
  • From November 1, Ryanair will operate “quiet flights” before 08.00 and after 21.00 when there will only be safety announcements made onboard and the cabin lights will be dimmed.
  • From December 1, passengers will be able to take a second “small” carry-on bag such as a handbag or airport shopping bag (these will have to measure less than 35x20x20cms).
  • From December 1, Ryanair will cut its boarding card reissue fee at the airport from £70 to £15 for customers who have checked in online. Those who do not check-in online will still pay £70.
  • From January 1, fees for checking in bags will be reduced from £60 to £30 at the airport’s bag drop desk and from £60 to £50 at the boarding gate.

The changes come weeks after O’Leary said that the airline “would eliminate things that unnecessarily p*** people off”.

O'Leary said: “We are actively listening and responding to our customers. We hope that our passengers will enjoy these service improvements.”



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