Corporate travel rewards specialist Rocketrip has signed up a range of new customers including several clients listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

New York-based Rocketrip sets a real-time budget for trips, known as a “budget to beat” and then rewards employees with cash or other incentives if they beat this figure.

The company has started working with music platform Pandora Media, healthcare firm Mckesson Corp and logistics company Prologis.

Diana Scott, chief human resources officer at Prologis, said: “Rocketrip helps us to save on travel costs and accommodate our employees’ needs for flexibility and choice. 

“Their employee-centric solution fits seamlessly into our existing workflow and gives our teams the tools to make more informed, cost-conscious spending decisions.”

Rocketrip says that it has helped its clients to save an average of US$222 per trip or 21 per cent against “budgeted” costs this year.

Dan Ruch, CEO at Rocketrip, said: “We’re thrilled that some of the biggest companies in the world are quickly realizing the benefits of taking a human-centric approach to cost management.

“By improving an outdated corporate process, our technology has inspired some extraordinary behaviour that allows for an adaptive, more autonomous workplace culture.”

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