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RAC finds ‘eye-watering’ airport parking charges

Airport parking

The RAC is warning drivers to be prepared to shell out for parking at UK airports, with research showing some have increased charges this year despite the firm calling them out for ‘sky-high’ prices in 2016.

The RAC’s research found Luton to have the highest parking fees, charging a minimum of £7 for up to 40 minutes, even for those who are simply picking up or dropping off passengers. Even short-stay car parks at the airport charge £3 for ten minutes, and £1 a minute after that.

Next on the most-expensive list is Birmingham airport, where customers pay £4.90 for up to 60 minutes, with no cheaper option on offer.

The research reveals most airports charge for dropping off passengers, with only seven of the 20 busiest airports offering some free provisions. However, both Stansted charges £3.50 for a stay of ten minutes (up 50p from last year), while Edinburgh charges £3.90 for just 15 minutes. Those who overstay the minimum have been stung by fines of up to £50, while others pay £1 a minute for anything longer than ten minutes.

Pete Williams, head of external affairs at the RAC, said: “The eye-watering drop-off and pick-up costs at some airports is likely to be viewed by drivers as another way of making money out of them, particularly in instances where public transport to and from the airport simply isn’t a viable option.”

Williams also warns those using taxis to get to the airport that some firms may add the cost of parking fees to their fares.

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