Corporate booking and fulfilment specialist Evolvi Rail Systems has revealed that its channels saw the average price of tickets fall again in 2018 despite the 3.3 per cent headline increase in fares in January that year.

Analysis of 9.4 million transactions undertaken through Evolvi in 2018 confirms an average ticket value (ATV) of £56.32 last year compared to £56.83 in 2017. The company says the findings demonstrate the ability of its smart booking channels, including its API, to “optimise value for TMCs, their clients, content aggregators and other online booking tools”.

Andrew Cantrell, IT director at Evolvi, said: “When you consider that ATV in 2012 stood at £61.81, the growing adoption of Evolvi’s smart fares search functionality and comprehensive policy options has consistently enabled rail users to ‘beat’ the effect of annual fares increases. It’s a great example of technology optimising budgets by setting controls, adding value through analytics and simplifying navigation through what is the most complex fares structure in the world.

Evolvi’s findings come after the UK rail industry called for a nationwide restructuring of fares to make the system easier to understand and enable passengers to find the best available price for their journey.

The company says it is also seeing growing demand from corporate customers for mobile ticketing, particularly with the increasing availability of eTickets that go to travel wallets and do not require activation prior to travel.

Cantrell continued: “The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) is overseeing the rapid roll-out of barcoded tickets across all operators and all routes. This is something that will enhance the experience of increasingly tech-savvy business travellers and we very much hope that progress will now be made on the interoperability that will unlock the government’s vision for network-wide paperless travel.

“We also welcome the proposal submitted to the Williams Review by RDG and Transport Focus for a more transparent, modern system of ticketing and fares, based on the principles of simplicity and value for money. A system that better reflects the digital economy, which uses mobile technology to create value for passengers, and which opens up opportunities to bear down on travel costs for corporate users.”

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