The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) has launched an official directory of Quality Accredited properties in an effort to improve the standard of delivery for guests.

The ASAP says the directory is designed to create transparency around serviced apartments in its Quality Accreditation Programme, which gives marques to properties that meet its standards.

In order to be added to the directory, serviced apartment providers must demonstrate that they are delivering a consistently high standard of customer care and comfort, as well as health and safety. The ASAP says guests booking via one of the listed operators are guaranteed both standards and peace of mind.

CEO James Foice said: “Our ethos as an association is centred on staying with confidence. We want serviced apartment guests to be confident that what they book is, essentially, what they get. Our directory is designed not only to point guests in the direction of those operators and agents they can trust, but also to be worn as a badge of honour within the industry, with members proud to bear our marque.

“By being in the directory, our quality accredited members are able to state that they do all they can to ensure they deliver a certain standard of service for their guests and that they are a reliable and dependable operator. The directory is also easily accessible for prospective guests to reassure themselves that they’re booking via a legitimate operator – an important part of the process.”

The ASAP’s online directory of serviced apartments can be found here.

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