A loss of travel benefits may be discouraging the millennial generation from joining the business travel industry.

Former ACTE executive director Ron DiLeo said that a lot of benefits from working in business travel had disappeared in the last few years.

“People are not coming into the industry as fast as they are retiring and that worries me,” said DiLeo during a conference session at the Business Travel Show in London.

“Travel benefits have mostly gone now and the industry is not as much fun as it used to be. I don’t see that appeal for attracting people out of university.”

DiLeo, who is currently chief commercial officer for TMC Altour International, said that the hotel industry was the best travel sector for attracting young staff.

“The hotel industry is best at giving young people a clear and prescribed path to move up to general manager,” he added.

“They are all looking to earn six-figure sums when they come out of university. But at the least the hotel industry has a prescribed path which shows how long it takes to move up.”

The panel discussion also focused on how to communicate across different generations.

Patricia Gardiner, head of global marketing for Tristar Worldwide, said that different age groups preferred different methods of communication with older workers more comfortable with “face-to-face” meetings and younger employees more likely to use emails and text messaging.


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