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Mantic Point joins GTMC as industry partner

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Travel technology company Mantic Point has joined the GTMC as an industry partner.

Mantic Point offers white label solutions for TMCs and travel agencies, including traveller tracking and risk assessment products, travel itinerary apps, automated document delivery and personalised traveller merchandising.

The company joins the GTMC as its exclusive partner for duty of care and risk management to support members in developing their own platforms. This includes insight into assessing and communicating travel risk to clients and travellers, implementation of mobile GPS tracking to locate travellers in an emergency, communication tools to manage disruption and tools to ensure a travel programme remains compliant with duty of care requirements.

Mike Atherton, CEO of Mantic Point, said: “We are delighted to have joined the GTMC as a new partner. With a continued focus on traveller safety, we are committed to investing in and developing new technology, and look forward to working with other industry colleagues to continue to innovate and deploy travel software solutions that support the business travel market.”

Adrian Parkes, CEO of the GTMC, added: “We are pleased to welcome Mantic Point as our new valued partner as the travel technology landscape continues to evolve apace. We look forward to working with them to offer greater industry expertise and solutions in the risk management and duty of care space to our TMC members and their clients.”;

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