Meeting technology solutions provider Groupize has partnered with SAP Concur to launch a guest air booking link within Concur Travel.

The tool will allow guest or non-employee travellers such as consultants and project teams that may not have a profile with SAP Concur to book travel through a company account.

Groupize says that these types of travellers were historically challenging because they often didn’t have profiles or corporate cards to pay for air fares or check in to hotels, while online booking tools are usually designed as closed environments for full-time employees.

The new functionality enhances Groupize’s integration with SAP Concur. Features include the ability to upload a list of guests and send invites or an air booking link to them, as well as create shell profiles and single sign-ins for guests.

Air fares returned through searches can be customised to a company’s travel policy, with negotiated rates at preferred hotels also available. There is also a two-way integration to SAP Concur itineraries and managers can optimise finance processes into Concur Expense with budget and custom fields for reporting.

Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, president and CEO of Groupize, said: “Our customers asked us to develop these specific new features to simplify their guest travel use cases. Many organisations have a lot of travel spend that looks like a meeting, smells like a meeting, but isn’t exactly a meeting. Our latest enhancements enable our customers to extract additional value out of SAP Concur and scale their use of Groupize across their enterprise beyond travel managers and travel arrangers. With these enhanced capabilities, Groupize is facilitating the convergence of travel, meetings and HR within best of breed solutions.”

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