Ryanair has made another move toward ending a series of strikes by signing agreements with pilot and cabin crew unions in Belgium.

Last week, the CNE-CSC and LBC-NVK unions threatened several more days of strikes throughout the rest of the year if Ryanair did not meet members’ demands. Pilots and cabin crew were asking the airline to change its practice of holding staff to Irish contracts rather than local ones.

But talks appear to have been successful, with Ryanair announcing it has signed collective labour agreements (CLAs) with the unions, with Belgian labour laws set to apply to pilots and cabin crew in the country ‘no later’ than 31 January 2019.

Eddie Wilson, chief people officer at Ryanair, said: “We are pleased to have signed this latest CLA covering all of our directly employed pilots and cabin crew in Belgium. These signed union agreements… demonstrate the considerable progress we’re making in concluding union agreements with our people in our major EU markets.”

The airline has yet to reach an agreement with cabin crew in Spain and Portugal, claiming union members from rival airlines are “blocking progress”.

Ryanair partially blamed the ongoing strikes for a 7 per cent slump in profits in the first half of the year.

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