Vehicle hire company Enterprise has launched a new online booking platform aimed at helping organisations manage how their employees travel for work when driving.

Enterprise Travel Direct (ETD) is a journey assessment and booking system that enables customers to compare the cost of daily rental, hourly car club and ‘grey’ fleet based on a planned trip and real-time vehicle availability.

The assessment allows businesses to compare the actual cost of a specific journey at a determined time depending on whether employees use a private car and file mileage expenses, a car club or a daily rental vehicle.

Employees can then choose the option that suits them – whether it’s the lowest rate or the most sustainable – based on their company’s travel policy, which is programmed into the platform to enable compliance and control.

Enterprise says a key benefit of ETD is that travellers are required to log journeys before the trip is taken, helping them and their company to assess whether a rental option would be more cost-effective than a private vehicle.

In turn, the company says travel managers can capture journey data and use it to identify more appropriate solutions over time.

The release of ETD follows a 12-month pilot programme in partnership with several UK public sector fleets. Enterprise claims the trials led to fewer journeys, lower business mileage and a change in employee behaviour.

Adrian Bewley, assistant vice president of business mobility for the UK and Ireland at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, said: “This is a huge step forward in how businesses and public-sector fleets manage employee mobility. You can only be certain you’ve made the best choice for a trip if you compare the total cost of the available options – daily rental, car club and grey fleet. ETD has evolved from our existing booking platforms and has been subjected to rigorous real-world testing. We believed it was vital to give senior decision-makers absolute clarity on the actual costs of keeping their employees mobile.

“Businesses have struggled to measure and contain the real cost of employee mobility because they lacked the data or it wasn’t available in a format that could be easily analysed. Because ETD records all the details of every journey, it provides employers with a wealth of data that can be used to refine business travel to more cost-effective options.”

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