SAP Concur says it has uncovered a “worrying trend“ following research into business travellers’ perceptions of risk.  

After polling 7,400 people across Europe, almost half (48 per cent) of business travellers said they would consider not travelling abroad for work if it took them to a location they considered unsafe, based on their own perception or official government travel guidance.

There was also a reluctance to travel to unsafe countries from British travellers, with 23 per cent revealing they were involved in or close to a critical incident while away for work in the last year.

VIDEO: Watch Emma Maslen talk to BBT at the Business Travel Show below:

Speaking to BBT at the Business Travel Show last week, Emma Maslen, managing director of UK enterprise, SAP Concur, said: “I was surprised by perceptions of risky countries. For example, places like France, where 35 per cent of French travellers were involved in an incident. And there’s a periphery of things you don’t often think about, even how to get medication to a traveller if they’re diabetic. It doesn’t make the headlines, but it has to be dealt with.” 

Across Europe, an average of 18 per cent of those surveyed said they were close to or involved in what they deemed a “risky” situation – including flooding, epidemics, riots, earthquakes or terrorist attacks – in the last year. This jumped to 34 per cent for the French, 19 per cent for Italians and 16 per cent for Dutch travellers.

Another worrying trend for Maslen was the level of incidents that were “dismissed” by employers. For Europe as a whole, in 17 per cent of cases a lack of action was taken; while concerns were listened to, nothing was done and 6 per cent said that their concerns were simply dismissed. For Brits, this jumps to 21 per cent.

The research was conducted by Innofact in December 2018 and surveyed 1,049 (Germany), 1,051 (Finland), 1,050 (France), 1,050 (Italy), 1,050 (Sweden), 1,054 (UK), 676 (Netherlands), 415 (Denmark) part-time and full-time employees who travel for business (7,395 in total).

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