A 24-hour strike in Belgium planned for Monday (January 30) is expected to hit train and planes servives  to and within the country.

Eurostar, the cross channel train company, has already made contingency plans for a bus replacement service between Lille and Brussels.

Thalys, the high speed train serving Brussles, Paris, Colgone and Amsterdam, has already cancelled services on Monday.

Airlines including BA, easyJet and Ryanair are standing by to see if the strike will go ahead and contingency plans need to be implemented.

A spokeswoman for BA said it was waiting to see if the strike happened and what alternative plans would be necessary.

Ryanair, which flies to Charleroi, said it would publish details of any cancellations on its website www.ryanair.com from today (January 27) and over the weekend.

Eurostar said its 19.04 service from London St. Pancras to Brussles would terminate at Lille and a bus would take passengers onto Brussles.

The first seven services from London to Brussels on Monday would also halt at  Lille and be replaced by a bus.

Services from Brussels would be by bus to Lille.

A spokeswoman for Eurostar said it hoped to run a normal through service from London on Monday at 17.04.

Services between Paris and London would not be affected by the strike.

The spokeswoman said the company was encouraging all passengers to exchange tickets to travel on another day.

The strike is over a dispute between the government and public and private sector workers over the country’s retirement age and cuts in benefits.

It is aimed to disrupt transport on the day an EU Summit on growth is due to be held in the city.

One report said the Belgian government was planning to use military airfields to enable European leaders to get tothe city.

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