Travel technology firm Rocketrip has announced a partnership with Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

US-based Rocketrip sets a real-time budget for trips and then rewards employees with cash or other incentives for beating this figure.

The partnership means CWT will be able to leverage Rocketrip’s incentive platform to “bolster spend-reduction programmes for its clients”.

The Rocketrip platform incorporates CWT clients’ negotiated fares and travel policy parameters to create a precisely calibrated ‘Budget to Beat’ for every employee trip.

Rocketrip said by incentivising employees to spend less on their flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars, CWT clients working with Rocketrip can see a savings of over $250 on average per business trip.

“Partnering with Rocketrip is a win-win:  it introduces a powerful system for cost control while giving their employees the opportunity to have a say in their travel decisions,” said Cathy Voss, executive VP Global Program Solutions, CWT. “This partnership is one of the many opportunities we’re embracing to optimize travel management in ways that put travelers first.”

“CWT is one of the most innovative players in travel management,” said Dan Ruch, CEO of Rocketrip. “They recognize that incentive-driven behavioral solutions can deliver real cost savings. Companies that actively involve employees in managing travel expenses create a better user experience and reduce total spending.”

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