Uber has agreed to pay US$148 million (about £113 million) over a cyber attack that exposed data from millions of customers and drivers.

In November 2017, the firm revealed it had suffered a data breach in 2016. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi – who took over from Travis Kalanick in September last year – admitted the company tried to hide the attack from regulators and paid the hackers responsible $100,000 to delete any data they had stolen.

Around 57 million passenger and driver data was compromised in the attack and Khosrowshahi said the two security individuals responsible for the cover-up had been fired.

The US government and all 50 states launched legal action against Uber following the announcement and the payment is meant to settle these cases.

Uber is still facing legal action from drivers, customers and the cities of Los Angeles and Chicago over the breach.

Moving forward, Uber has pledged to change the way it operates and will have to file regular reports on security incidents, according to the BBC.

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