Business travellers under 30 are significantly more in favour of the GTMC.

Almost 70 per cent of 18-29 year olds who travel by rail for business want to see the government’s controversial high-speed rail link built, compared to 56 per cent of those over 30 years old.

The GTMC study analysed data from a survey of more than one thousand respondents who travelled by rail a minimum of six times a year for UK business trips of fifty plus miles.

The study showed almost 30 per cent of young people believe the reduction in journey times is the most convincing argument in favour of HS2. Connectivity to both Heathrow and Europe also ranked highly for millennials.

The HS2 project, which has come under fire from both political sides, would link London to Birmingham by 2026, with tracks to cities in the north of England including Leeds and Manchester, built by 2030.

The study also found when it comes to challenges around HS2 more than half of millennial business travellers said the biggest problem is the “high cost involved”.

“Given the timescales of HS2 it’s very much a project for the future of Britain,” said GTMC chief executive Paul Wait.

“The opinions of young business travellers are essential they recognise the benefits of a project that has the potential to open up new opportunities for the careers and businesses and plans they are just beginning to develop. They urgently see the need for an improved infrastructure in order to compete in a global marketplace.

“We strongly encourage the government and HS2 decision makers to remember the long term importance of a greatly improved rail link between more of the UK and Europe.”

The study surveyed 1,055 travellers of which 202 aged 18-29, 584 aged 30-49 and 269 aged 50+.

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