Safety and security has overtaken cost control has the number one priority for business travel managers, according to American Express Global Business Travel annual barometer.

The study of 580 travel buyers showed the top concern has soared in importance over the past five years. Safety was the number two priority for companies in 2013, but has risen 24 per cent in two years.

It also showed 96 per cent of employers now have safety procedures in place such as traveller tracking.

“Companies should work closely with travel management companies to address their evolving business travel priorities of security, cost control and traveller satisfaction, while introducing technology and innovation,” said Elyes Mrad, MD of EMEA at American Express Global Business Travel.

The study found when it comes to cost control and optimising costs buyers are more focused on improving processes rather than direct costs. These include: online and expense management tools and more consideration to the nature and purpose of travel before booking trips.


According to the Barometer, the upswing in business travel spending witnessed this year is likely to continue in 2016, with respondents expecting a 1 to 3 per cent rise in total travel spending over the coming year.

Further, when asked about the aspects which will grow in importance over the coming year, the top four elements cited by respondents were: price optimisation (50%), security solutions (41%), reliability of data (41%) and quality of overall travel programme management (40%).

Traveller satisfaction was named as the third top concern for buyers with 50 per cent now measuring the satisfaction of their travellers.

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