Canadian airline Westjet has launched a new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that allows passengers to manage certain aspects of their trip.

Called Juliet, the chatbot is available in English and French through Facebook Messenger. It features ‘destination inspiration and discovery’, flight booking and day-of-travel information.

The chatbot is named after one of Westjet’s original aircraft and uses machine learning with a combination of instruction, examples and experience to develop better responses over time. Westjet says it will continue to add functionality, features and capabilities to Juliet over time, including availability on different platforms and voice interaction.

Alfredo C Tan, chief digital and innovation officer at Westjet, commented: “Juliet is the first of many ways Westjet will be raising the bar using digital to improve the guest experience, and make the travel journey easier and more enjoyable. A majority of internet users are already using a messenger platform, including Facebook Messenger. Launching Juliet gives even more access to quick, simple support on a platform that a majority of our guests already have at hand.”

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