A new app being tested by four rail companies will track disabled passengers throughout their journey so staff know when and where to meet them for assistance.

Under the current system, disabled passengers book assistance and a print-out of requests is given to station staff each morning, according to the BBC.

However, if a change to the passenger’s schedule occurs, such as a train running late, updates often don’t trickle down to station staff, which can lead to them being in the wrong place and passengers going without assistance.

The new Passenger Assist app by Transreport aims to change the way rail companies offer assistance by allowing users to create profiles, amend and cancel bookings and give staff live information on changes.

West Midlands Railway, London Northwestern Railway, Greater Anglia and South Western Railway are currently trialling the app with a group of disabled passengers. The full version of the technology is expected to be rolled out next autumn.

The app has been welcomed by test users after several high-profile incidents involving disabled passengers made national headlines over the last few months.

Transreport has already released an app that uses advanced sensor technology to identify the train on which a passenger is travelling so they can report issues and get a response from the operator.


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