Thai Airways has resumed flights bound for Europe after it was forced to cancel many due to Pakistan closing its airspace over rising tensions with India, with other airlines rerouting services.

According to the BBC, Pakistan has claimed that it shot down two Indian military jets after they crossed the border that divides Kashmir. India said on Wednesday that it had targeted Pakistani militants in air strikes.

Pakistan has now closed its airspace over the escalation, with airlines such as Air India, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways, British Airways and Singapore Airlines rerouting flights. 

Thai Airways has now been able to secure permission to reroute flights through Chinese airspace.

Singapore Airlines has said the lounger route on its flights to London and Frankfurt makes it necessary to stop in Dubai or Mumbai for re-fuelling. All other services with a normal flight path over Pakistan will be rerouted but will not have to make extra stops.

President Sumeth Damrongchaitham said: “By closing the airspace, every flight from Thailand to Europe has been affected.”

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