Evolvi says the average ticket value (ATV) for customers using its EvolviNG rail booking platform has fallen to £57.02 in 2017 compared to £57.72 last year.

The news comes after the announcement that mandated rail fares will rise by up to 3.6 per cent from January 2018. Evolvi says its platform enables travel managers to ‘beat’ headline price increases, with its more than 1 million users booking tickets that have ‘defied’ year-on-year rises.

Ken Cameron, MD of Evolvi Rail Systems, said: “The recently announced fares increases for 2018 will make smart rail booking and fulfilment channels such as Evolvi even more important, but we would also urge the government and Rail Delivery Group to accelerate its Rail Simplification programme in the expectation that rationalised fares structure will ultimately deliver better value for the corporate market.”


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