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BA opts to keep UK call centres inhouse

Alex Cruz

British Airways is to keep two UK-based call centres inhouse, instead of outsourcing them to another company.

The airline has confirmed that it will continue to operate the Manchester and Newcastle call centres, which employ around 1,100 staff. BA said the centres would also receive millions of pounds in extra investment.

There had been speculation that the call centres would be outsourced to a third party – Capita has been working with BA to support its global the airline’s global contact centre operations.

BA’s CEO Alex Cruz said: “I am pleased that following a very detailed review, we are planning to retain both of our long-standing UK call centres in Newcastle and Manchester.”

The airline will retain its call centres in Germany, Hong Kong and India, which employ another 900 people. BA is also considering the opening of a new call centre in Cape Town, which would be outsourced to another company.

BA’s decision was welcomed by union Unite who said it had made “the strong case that customer services are best served by the centres remaining within BA”.

Oliver Richardson, Unite national officer for civil air transport, added: “This will give reassurance for the future to our members at Manchester and Newcastle.

“This decision has come about without any loss in pay and terms and conditions for the workforce, although we are working closely with the company to implement mutually agreed efficiency savings.

“More generally, I think there is a new mood across business and other organisations in the UK that, following the recent Carillion debacle, outsourcing is not necessarily the best option if you wish to develop your business successfully – and keep the customers happy.”

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