Hotel shopping service Tripbam has announced a new feature called Strategic Share Shift (S3) that allows travel managers to shift share to preferred hotels and away from those that are not performing as expected.

Announcing the new feature at the GBTA Conference 2018 – Berlin in Partnership with VDR, Tripbam said client and supplier feedback showed companies with a proven ability to shift share received greater discounts and had stronger hotel programmes overall.

Hotel performance is measured using Tripbam Hotel Intelligence, launched in August this year. Using S3 and Hotel Intelligence offerings together allow travel managers to measure overall programme, hotel and chain-wide performance and compare them to a competitive set of similar companies. The travel manager can then adjust their programme by taking actions such as replacing poorly performing properties with higher-performing hotels.

The S3 feature is now available as part of the Tripbam offering for clients.

Steve Reynolds, Tripbam founder and CEO, said: “Tripbam is proud to offer a feature that provides another level of intelligence, data and influence to travel managers. Utilising Tripbam S3 allows for dramatic hotel programme improvement by supplying incredibly rich, yet approachable, information to travel managers to utilise in hotel negotiations and ongoing programme management. Initial results from clients using S3 to drive spend to preferred hotels and away from underperforming properties have been impressive.”

Tripbam Hotel Intelligence has been shortlisted as Best New Travel Technology Product in the Business Travel Awards 2019.

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