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Virgin Atlantic launches IFE for blind passengers

Virgin Atlantic IFE for visually-impaired passengers

Virgin Atlantic is introducing a new inflight entertainment service adapted to cater for visually impaired customers.

The service will be available through specially adapted iPads and will be installed across Virgin Atlantic’s entire fleet.

The system, which features includes audio descriptions, large type and consistent layout and controls, has been designed by Bluebox Aviation Systems and tested by representatives from Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Mark Anderson, Virgin Atlantic’s executive vice president - customer, said:  “Working with Bluebox and Guide Dogs for the Blind we’ve been able to create a world first that ensures customers with sight loss can experience the full range of onboard entertainment including the latest blockbusters, TV shows and albums.”

The system has been designed to deal with a range of visual impairments including blindness, partial vision and sensitivity to brightness.

John Welsman, policy business partner for travel and transport at the Guide Dogs, added: “We know that something as simple as an inflight entertainment system with voiceovers and audio descriptions will help passengers with sight loss to enjoy flights just like anyone else on board.

“As someone with sight loss who flies quite often myself, I think it’ll be wonderful to access entertainment and information on Virgin planes without needing to ask for help. Not having to call for cabin crew, or disturb fellow passengers around me who might be sleeping, will be great.”


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