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Finnish strike could cause travel disruption

Finnish transport workers could join strike action

Members of the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union (AKT) and two other unions are set to stage a 24-hour strike on 2 February that could affect travel within the country.

The Finnish Industrial Union warns that up to 140,000 employees could participate in the strike from 0600 on Friday. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns that some transport services may be affected and those travelling to or within Finland should check the status of their service before departing.

The union says the strike is in reaction to the activation model for unemployment security, which stipulates that job seekers will lose a share of their unemployment benefits if they fail to meet a set of activity criteria every three months.

Riku Aalto, chairman of the Finnish Industrial Union, said the government ‘pushed’ its objectives with the competitiveness pact against the will of 130,000 citizens who spoke against the rule.

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