Expense management software provider Certify has taken a look at the last five years of its Craziest Expenses Survey to reveal the strangest costs processed through its systems.

Travel managers will likely reel at some of the lavish items approved for company expenses.

  1. Human skull “for medical experimentation – US$800 – approved
  2. Helicopter ride to get to a client meeting – $6,500 – not approved
  3. Hotel repair bill for punching a hole in a wall and airfare rebooking fees because the employee was in jail – $10,000 – not approved
  4. Llama rental because a photographer wanted one in the picture – $150 – approved
  5. Vehicle towing fees because an employee’s vehicle was parked illegally to make an important meeting – $150 – approved
  6. A separate hotel room for garlic samples because the salesman didn’t like the smell – $85 – not approved
  7. Cher concert tickets expensed by an employee at a small company – $125 – approved
  8. Boarding for a pet snake – $30 per day – approved
  9. Men’s Rolex watch for “customer appreciation” – $8,000 – approved

While these seem like bizarre requests that most companies wouldn’t think to approve, Certify says: “Context is a vital ingredient in the expense reporting process. It adds empathy by giving employees an opportunity to provide reasons as to why and how the expense was a value-add for the organisation. This two-way communication between traveller and approver can significantly improve employee happiness – something we deeply value here at Certify.”

View the original infographic here

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