Amadeus has announced that its cloud-based Selling Platform Connect now allows travel agents and TMCs to shop, order, pay and service airline offers via an NDC connection.

According to the company, the main advantage of the new functionality is the ability for sellers to view and compare all available airline flights and related services for any given trip on a single screen regardless if they are sourced from EDIFACT, NDC or other APIs.

Amadeus claims this is the first time sellers can access a full range of air content in one place.

In addition to booking capabilities, the NDC-enabled version of Selling Platform Connect also allows for the servicing of NDC bookings. Sellers can cancel or change flights that have been booked through such a connectivity, while “involuntary changes” – those made by airlines to existing bookings – will continue to be handled by the queue mechanism used by agents.

All of the new features, as well as an updated graphical interface, were designed and tested in collaboration with Amadeus customers through the NDC-X programme.

Gianni Pisanello, VP of NDC-X, commented: “Our objective is two-fold; by integrating NDC into Selling Platform Connect, we’re enabling airlines to better differentiate their offers and drive adoption of their NDC content, while also helping travel sellers to continue to work in their preferred environment. Our solution provides our network of travel sellers with new NDC-sourced content alongside existing content – all on one screen.”

Nicola Ping, manager of air content and distribution EMEA at Flight Centre/FCM Travel Solutions, which took part in NDC-X, added: “This latest version of Selling Platform Connect provides a great balance for us. While it gives our consultants access to NDC content, it doesn’t cause any disruptions to their typical business processes as they are still booking in a familiar technology environment. It simply gives us access to more options – all in one place – to personalise the booking experience for our customers and ensure they benefit positively from the opportunities that NDC presents.”

The development comes after Amadeus became dual-certified Level 4 as a distributor and IT provider.

Amadeus said the latest version of Selling Platform Connect is being used by “key partners” in the NDC-X programme and will gradually be deployed starting in the coming months.

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