Travel technology company Amadeus has achieved certification on the One Order standard as a capable Order Management System.

The One Order standard was established by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to combine passenger information currently held in different systems into one record, which it says will simplify airline reservation and accounting systems by phasing out Passenger Name Records, Electronic Tickets and Electronic Miscellaneous Documents in favour of new “internet-era” order records.

Amadeus says it sees the new industry standard as being in line with its own broader vision to “transform the way travel is consumed”.

Fabrizio Calcabrini, executive vice president of airline solutions at Amadeus, said: “Amadeus’ ambition is to lead and support airlines as they simplify and grow their businesses to become true customer-centric travel retailers, while ensuring a seamless transition and day-to-day business continuity. Amadeus is driving this transformation, with One Order as part of this journey, and working towards alignment across the industry. We have always said that industry change will only happen if there is close collaboration between all travel players.”

The news comes as Amadeus also announced a renewal of its agreement with Finnair, which will see the airline fully integrate Altea NDC with the Amadeus Travel Platform, meaning it can distribute its NDC fares via the system.

Rogier van Enk, vice president of digital revenue and distribution at Finnair, commented: “We believe these new distribution solutions will benefit all players in the value chain – and create win-win opportunities for all involved. There is a strong momentum towards these new solutions and 2019 will be a critical year for us as we push for long-term simplification of distribution through NDC, One Order and various other initiatives. We are excited to be working with Amadeus to make our vision a reality.”;

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