Amadeus has partnered with specialist aggregator Ypsilon to allow travel agents to make payments to low-cost carriers (LCCs) according to their business strategy.

The integration with Amadeus’ B2B Wallet solution within the Ypsilon booking platform will enable agent and online travel agent (OTA) customers to automatically generate a virtual card within the booking flow. Each card number can be unique to an individual booking, which can make reconciliation easier and reduce fraud.

In addition, the B2B Wallet solution will offer Ypsilon’s agent and OTA customers other payment options such as credit, debit and pre-paid forms. Amadeus says this will allow them to tailor payments to their specific business by prioritising cashflow or opting for the lowest-cost approach. It also means agencies can pay LCCs according to the airline’s preferred methods.

Patrick Coulomb, VP of sales and marketing at Ypsilon, said: “Our platform brings together the widest range of LCC content and we are committed to making it easy for agents to book these airlines. Integrating Amadeus’ B2B Wallet solution drastically increase payment options, which is a win for agents and airlines.”

Bart Tompkins, MD of payments at Amadeus, added: “Our mission is to make our flexible payment technology available wherever agents need to pay suppliers, reducing the cost, complexity and friction faced by the industry. The integration with Ypsilon represents an important milestone with agents now able to pay all types of airlines easily.”;

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