1000 Mile Travel Group has selected Vibe as its online booking tool provider to help it expand in the UK market.

The Australia-based TMC launched in the UK in November last year, and is a member of the Advantage Travel Partnership.

It has an international network of 40 independent “mobile travel businesses” across Australia and the UK, for which it provides specialised sales, finance, technology, product and marketing support.

“We are really excited to be working with Vibe” said Ben Ross, 1000 Mile Travel Group’s managing director. “We looked at least a dozen other tools and found most were either old technology or not a great corporate fit. As a predominately corporate TMC who puts technology at the forefront, Vibe is the perfect platform for us and our travel experts.”

“Vibe are delighted to be working with 1000 Mile Travel Group – it is such an exciting business to be involved with,” added Simon Goddard, Vibe’s director of solutions. “Vibe’s online booking tool is the ideal solution for 1000 Mile and their clients.”

Earlier this year, Vibe was selected as an official Expedia Partner Solutions parter, and told Buying Business Travel it too was targeting the corporate travel sector.


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