As part of BBT Video – the new digital initiative from Buying Business Travel – hear how OYO plans to grow its share of the corporate travel market in the UK and beyond

Hotel group OYO is well known across Asia, and currently ranks as the biggest supplier of rooms in India and number two in China. It also claims to be the world’s third largest hotel chain – again based on room count – and is now targeting Europe and the US as key growth markets.

In the UK the brand is less familiar. However, since opening an expansive London office last year, and an ambitious recruitment drive, it now has more than 350 employees, with more than 100 properties spread across the UK.

Buying Business Travel editor Matthew Parsons interviewed Jeremy Sanders, head of UK, and Abhinav Sinha, chief operating officer, at OYO’s new Mayfair office to hear their plans for the corporate travel market.

In the 15-minute interview, the pair also share how the hotels will compete against other brands, discuss the importance of standards, and reveal why Brexit isn’t going to stand in their way.

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