Bristol airport has announced it will offset all passenger journeys to and from the airport by road as part of its Carbon Roadmap.

Offsets will be purchased retroactively based on an annual survey showing the different modes of travel used by passengers to get to the airport.

The Environmental Effects Working Group of the airport’s Consultative Committee, which includes local communities and passengers, will play a role in selecting suitable offsetting schemes, with a focus on local projects where possible.

The scheme went into effect on 1 January, and Bristol claims to be the first airport in Europe to offset passenger road journeys.

James Shearman, head of sustainability at Bristol airport, commented: “This commitment to offset carbon emissions from surface access recognises that environmental impacts reach beyond the boundary of the airport. With airlines taking steps to reduce and offset carbon emissions it means many customer journeys could be carbon neutral from front door to final destination in 2020.”

The airport’s scheme comes after Easyjet – which operates more than half of flights to and from Bristol – announced it would voluntarily offset the emissions from all of its flights.

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