Capita Travel and Events has announced it is co-creating its Smarter working wellbeing proposition with partner suppliers from the rail, air and accommodation supply chain to address the wellbeing agenda of clients.

As the overall trip experience influences traveller wellbeing, Capita Travel and Events said it was important to gather representatives from its partners to join CEO James Parkhouse and head of behavioural science Jonti Dalal-Small along with team members from across the company for a Smarter working workshop and forum at the TMC’s London headquarters.

The workshop, hosted by Dalal-Small, was focused on practically applying Smarter working into the everyday trip environment.

Parkhouse commented: “People originally used us for booking and billing. Ten years on, while that is still our core offering, our customers ultimately want to make smarter decisions – and they want their travellers to travel smarter. Four years ago we started on this path. There has been a shift in demand for data analytics and a growing appetite for Smarter working.”

Discussions at the workshop explored current booking models and “nudging”, as well as how to work in innovative ways to shape travel policies with cost efficiencies and value in mind.

It also looked at the developments Capita Travel and Events has made in its Smarter working proposition, which combines psychology, data analytics and product development to deliver insights. Partners provided feedback on their own challenges, while the group discussed how they can work together to shape their wellbeing agenda.

Capita Travel and Events says its partners left the workshop questioning whether they are promoting the right kind of travel with the TMC and reaching out to colleagues to put their learnings into practice for the benefit of travellers.

Lynn Fraser, sales director of Village Hotel Club, commented: “I personally loved Capita Travel and Events’ approach to how they will differentiate themselves from others and I am excited that we are partners on this journey with them.”

Dalal-Small added: “Designed to bring Smarter working to life, the workshop was about developing a shared understanding of the Smarter working framework and how the mind decides – looking at what we can do as a travel management company alongside our partners. Our mission is to revolutionise the travel industry with Smarter working and influence positive behaviour change into practice.

“Smarter working is giving us the commercial edge and by hosting workshops like this we can get the necessary insight to drive change and value. Behaviour change is difficult for our partners to tackle alone, so we want to work with them to help make positive changes to their wellbeing approach. Partners left feeling inspired, with an energy to work together to create new ways of managing travel as we continue to lead the industry.”

The TMC says more than 100 employees have attended the workshops over the last year, with plans to roll out Smarter working workshops with further internal training, as well as hosting workshops in relation to meetings and events.

Read Capita Travel and Events’ latest white paper on its Smarter working initiative here

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