B2B travel technology company CarTrawler has launched a global mobility platform that allows airlines to offer a range of travel solutions in order to “own the last mile” for their customers.

The platform will offer customers access to pre-booked and on-demand private transfers and taxis and is the culmination of investment by CarTrawler in the mobility sector.

In addition the mobility platform allows customers to earn and use loyalty points with their airline for rides.

According to CarTrawler, the mobility as a service (MaaS) market is estimated to reach a value of US$1.75 trillion by 2030, presenting airlines with an opportunity to maximise revenues.

CCO Aileen McCormack said: “I am delighted to announce the launch of the world’s leading B2B global mobility platform, which will revolutionise the travel sector by offering customers a simple one stop shop for all their travel needs to and from the airport. Airlines can now connect the dots and instantly utilise this platform in-app, offering customers a superior booking experience and reflecting the reality that those who don’t rent ride.

“Airlines need to offer travel solutions that can exist alongside car rental – the ride-hailing market alone is estimated to reach a value of $285 billion by 2030 and the overall MaaS market will grow by 25 per cent over the next five years. However, just 59 of the world’s 473 airlines currently offer mobility services to customers.”

The launch of the platform follows CarTrawler’s partnerships with Ryanair and Emirates, as well as an integration with London-based Splyt.


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