Employee experience platform Perkbox has chosen Click Travel to manage and track costs as the business expands into the global market.

The company has new offices opening in France and Australia and says the travel requirements of its employees is becoming increasingly complex and costly. Click Travel said it has provided a total travel management solution that gives staff control of their own booking process.

Click Travel said it worked closely with the new client to develop a different approach to the company’s travel management strategy. Perkbox will use the TMC’s booking tool, with domestic and international travel will be scheduled, recorded and subsequently broken down by department, with the ability to build individual reports to help monitor and track spending.

Mohsin Chowdhury, financial controller at Perkbox, commented: “Until recently, our team members had to book their travel individually and through consumer sites. Because of this, the business didn’t have a clear overview of costs, so it was difficult to enforce policy and we weren’t accessing any business benefits.

“Since partnering with Click Travel, everything is now in one place and we are accessing deals we didn’t know existed. The savings we are making, both financially and in terms of time spent booking, are quite incredible.”

Chowdhury added: “To be able to quickly see, and analyse, what we are spending on our travel was a major priority for us. Click Travel has given us the tools we need to keep everything on track and in budget. As the company grows, and our travel requirements get more complex, the importance of having total visibility of our outgoings can’t be understated.”


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