CWT Meetings & Events has restructured its leadership team under SVP and managing director Derek Sharp with six global positions to match its new global operating model.

The new divisional structures will be lead by the following management team:

  • Kari Wendel is vice president of Strategic Customers, which includes CWT M&E’s top accounts including strategic meetings management (SMM) accounts.
  • Ian Cummings is vice president of Commercial, which will deliver the full portfolio of M&E services and account management best practices across the globe at local, multinational and regional levels.
  • Saski Gentil is vice president of Global Sales and Marketing and will add to her current portfolio of global sales and global marketing.
  • Nathan Brooks is global lead of supplier management, who will continue to lead the company’s global supplier strategy, with a focus on growing the preferred supplier base and to drive more business to preferred suppliers.
  • Newly-joined Cristina Scott has been appointed vice president of global operations and will ensure CWT M&E operates to its standards of discipline.
  • And Stuart Whatley is head of product and technology strategy, who has been tasked with developing the company’s product and technology roadmaps and partnership strategies in the meetings and events space.

Sharp (pictured) commented: “As the leading global player in our sector, we continue to set the benchmark as we deliver over 100 meetings and events every day of the year. And, as customer needs dictate more globally scalable products and services, CWT is well positioned to deliver our industry-leading solutions around the world – with creativity, consistency and great ROI.”

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