Airfare price assurance provider FairFly has launched a new solution to provide travel managers and HR departments with insights into traveller wellbeing.

FairFly Wellness provides companies with insights into the negative health impacts of flight delays, “red-eye” services, layovers, weekends away, airline quality and “the ‘middle seat’ problem”, according to the Tel Aviv-based firm.

The solution attaches a Traveller Wellbeing Score to each employee, which provides details on ‘at-risk’ travellers and recommends proactive measures to improve the quality of their travel.

FairFly says employers can improve productivity and staff retention rates by identifying and mitigating employee burn-out caused by travel.

The company’s existing airfare price assurance solution tracks prices on identical, similar, or better flights through the major GDSs so businesses can ensure they are getting the best deal. The platform takes into account applicable airline penalties, private fares and corporate travel policies, according to FairFly.

Aviel Siman-Tov, CEO and co-founder, commented: “So far, discussions about employee and traveller wellbeing have not been particularly data-driven. By analysing traveller itineraries and the millions of data points we already process, we’re able to finally provide what HR and travel managers are screaming out for: true data-driven insights into the health and wellbeing of each and every one of their business travellers. Our mission is to prioritise and promote traveller health as a key part of every travel programme and, at the same time, highlight issues that have multi-million-dollar financial costs for companies.”

FairFly Wellness is available globally, and the company says the solution leverages its certified connectivity to Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport. FairFly plans to roll out enhancements to the platform throughout 2019 and 2020.

FairFly was part of the Business Travel Show Launchpad in 2017 and went on to win the Disrupt Award at the event. Read our interview with co-founder Gili Lichtman here

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