The GTMC has signed a collaboration agreement with Women in Travel (CIC) to give members access to the services offered by the social enterprise.

Women in Travel is dedicated to empowering women through employability and entrepreneurship in travel, tourism, hospitality and events.

Under the partnership, GTMC members can access services offered by Women in Travel, such as training and development around employability, female leadership, coaching and mentoring, as well as events, conferences and workshops focused on empowering women to engage with the sector.

The collaboration also includes access to the Women Returners programme, which offers employability and recruitment services aimed at selecting, training and matching with suitable employers.

The next Women Returners programme starts in London on 24 June.

GTMC chief executive Adrian Parkes said: “Our members are amongst the fastest growing employers in the UK and internationally, representing over 12,500 employees. Talent is hard to come by and businesses are acutely aware of their need to become both more creative and inclusive about the way they recruit in order to meet current and future needs. Women in Travel’s services tap into talent currently below the radar and provide an innovative and socially minded way to meet our members’ requirements.”

Alessandra Alonso, founder and director of Women in Travel, added: “We are grateful to the GTMC and delighted by the opportunity to work with some of the best companies in the business travel sector. We know that there are many women out there looking for an opportunity to regain stability and personal dignity through employment. The travel sector is both attractive to women and fast growing and we see no better opportunity for them than being introduced to some of the best-in-class employers.”;

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