HRS has announced a merger with Australia-based firm The Lido Group as part of its global expansion.

The Germany-based hotel booking platform said the merged company would use the HRS name following the completion of the deal.

The Lido Group, launched in 1987, features more than 8,500 hotels in its network and also offers automated payment solutions.It operates across Australia and New Zealand. HRS already held a minority stake in The Lido Group following a deal in 2016.

Ana Pedersen (pictured above), managing director of HRS Australia/New Zealand, said: “This merger is good news for a marketplace that is increasingly aggressive in implementing automation and technology to maximise hotel costs and business traveler satisfaction.

“What makes this stand out is the unsurpassed combination of leading technology – like HRS’ proprietary ‘Recommendation Engine’ and Hotel Rate Filtering Solution – with the expertise of our 60-plus staff located in Australia.”

Steve Mackenzie, chief executive of the Lido Group, added: “Our payment solutions have long been recognised for the efficiency and savings they’ve provided to clients in our region.

“HRS is investing considerably in its worldwide payment platforms, giving this merger immense benefits for corporate programs.”

Lido employees will join HRS this month and move into a new HRS office in Sydney, while Mackenzie will retire from Lido upon completion of merger.

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