Train booking specialist International Rail has become the latest industry partner of the GTMC.

International Rail launched the 1track online booking tool for TMCs in January offering 66,000 train routes across Europe, as well as the ability to book domestic UK rail and services across North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

“We are really excited to be joining the GTMC and look forward to working with its members to develop and grow our international rail services and our online booking tool,” said the company.

“We are passionate about rail and are driven by a genuine desire to make international rail easy to book and therefore more appealing to corporate travellers.“

Outgoing GTMC chief executive Adrian Parkes, who is due to retire later this summer. added: “Travelling by train is becoming an increasingly popular option across the globe. The potential for efficient services and competitive prices, means people and businesses are increasingly looking at rail as an alternative to air travel.

“However, some work still needs to be done to promote non-domestic rail options and we look forward to working closely with International Rail on the opportunities their content and product brings to our members and their clients.”


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