Taxi-booking app Karhoo has partnered with French rail group SNCF Mobilites to launch a new mobility platform.

The service, called Mon Chauffeur, is designed to enable passengers of SNCF’s high-speed trains to book first and last-mile journeys by taxi or private hire vehicle. The platform can be accessed through the app or website.

Launched in 25 stations across France initially, the platform is due to be rolled out to other stations throughout 2019.

Karhoo says that by harnessing its real-time cost comparison platform and tapping into its network of 150 fleets in France, SNCF will be able to provide customers with a selection of offers and prices, calculated according to the route.

The service also offers a guaranteed reservation, with drivers waiting for passengers at designated meeting points. Bookings are also adaptable if schedule changes are needed, according to Karhoo.

Passengers can book their ride either in advance when purchasing train tickets or during their journey by connecting to SNCF’s on-board wifi.

The white-label technology was developed in partnership with Groupe Renault.

Boris Pilichowski, co-CEO of Karhoo, said: “The Mon Chauffeur service marks a milestone moment for Karhoo and the mobility sector. Enabling door-to-door transport for SNCF customers takes us a step closer to a truly integrated network while improving the passenger experience tenfold.”

Jerome Laffon, marketing director of SNCF Travel, added: “This partnership with Groupe Renault makes it possible to meet the challenges of shared mobility, and we are developing technological solutions to make our customers’ travel even easier.”

The new comes after Karhoo announced an integration with Carey International to provide chauffeur drive services in London, which is expected to expand to incorporate Carey’s network in more than 1,000 cities worldwide.

Karhoo was launched in 2016 and has since grown to integrate the majority of the UK’s taxi and private hire services, which it said in 2018 represented 51,000 cars across the nation.;

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