A psychologist and researcher specialising in the travel industry is seeking industry funding for a new project aiming to set wellbeing standards and best practice guidance for business travellers, helping the industry and organisations “achieve a sustainable future”.

The academic project, spearheaded by Dr Lucy Rattrie (pictured above), is expected to take nine to 12 months and aims to reach industry consensus in a rigorous evidence-based way on an agreed set of minimum standards; best practice guidelines; and potential ways forwards with realistic organisational solutions.

In terms of outcomes and benefits, Dr Rattrie told BBT: “We are looking to share the findings industry-wide, making them accessible and easily implemented for all, positioning any sponsors as full supporters and a go-to source, with the following: white papers and associated toolkits to inform and guide; webinars summarising key issues and implementation of the previous points; and an academic peer-reviewed publication (post-project).”

For more information, email lucy@creatingsona.com

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