An app designed to help people sleep, meditate and relax has teamed up with Novotel Hotels.

The hotel group has signed a multi-year partnership with Calm to help guests “achieve inner calm and enjoy a more restful travel experience”.

The app offers guided meditations, atmospheric music, nature soundscapes, and 150 sleep stories, including a bespoke story called “Nightfall”, narrated by actress Eva Green.

Beginning in January 2020 at Novotel locations in the UK, the partnership will later be introduced at 530 hotels across 60 countries throughout the year.

Nadege Keryhuel, VP, Novotel brand, said: “At Novotel, we invite our guests to unwind and enjoy a sense of calm and wellbeing while staying at our hotels. Travelling often takes people out of their usual comfort zones and so we feel it is vitally important to help our guests regain that comfort through mindfulness and relaxing environments. We are thrilled to partner with Calm to boost our efforts in this regard and look forward to seeing the benefits it will bring to our guests’ overall health and wellbeing.”

Aleena Abrahamian, head of strategic partnerships at Calm, added: “Wellness travel is growing twice as fast as tourism overall, with sleep and mental wellbeing proving to be extremely important to consumers in new or unfamiliar environments, such as hotels. Mindfulness and better sleep can have a positive impact on various states of mind: improving concentration, memory, creativity, and motivation. More people are looking to incorporate wellness into their lifestyles and travel experiences.”

The tie-up forms part of Novotel’s “Time is on Your Side” campaign, which enables travellers to “discover relaxing moments, disconnect from their busy lives and connect more deeply with friends, colleagues and family”.;

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