Ryanair has won an injunction against a strike by its Irish pilots at the High Court in Dublin, but has failed in its attempt to stop a similar walk-out in the UK.

The Dublin win means members of the Irish Airline Pilots’ Association (IALPA), part of the Forsa union, will not be able to walk out on Thursday and Friday as originally planned.

Ryanair’s lawyers reportedly told the court the union had not allowed negotiations to reach a conclusion before announcing the strike.

In a Tweet, the carrier said: “All Ryanair flights scheduled to depart on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 from Irish airports will now operate as normal and passengers should arrive at their departure airport two hours prior to their scheduled departure time.”

It also urged Forsa to return to the negotiating table, saying the union needs to explain why it is allegedly seeking a 101 per cent pay increase for Ryanair captains. It added: “Small groups of workers earning six-figure salaries should not be threatening to disrupt the holiday travel plans of Ryanair customers and their families…”

Meanwhile, the airline has been denied an injunction against a strike by UK pilots, though Ryanair claims some of them have volunteered to work regardless in an effort to avoid disruption.

BALPA general secretary Brian Strutton said: “Ryanair was foolish to bring this into the High Court rather than the negotiating room. We offered to meet Ryanair management at ACAS to negotiate a resolution, but instead they attempted a legal bludgeon. That’s backfired.

“However, we are clear that we want to settle the dispute and bring about a change in Ryanair for the better.”

Strutton said the union hopes the airline will continue talks this evening to avoid industrial action tomorrow.

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