Clarity Travel is urging travel buyers to “tear up the procurement rule book” as part of its new “Change the Game” campaign.

The TMC says it has issued a challenge to travel buyers to rethink the way travel is procured and to “change their game”.

As part of the campaign, the TMC has created a “tongue in cheek take on snakes and ladders, complete with actual board game and rule book”.

“We’ve been encouraging our clients, and the business travel industry, to start taking a different view on procurement for the past few years. There is an appetite to take travel programmes from transactional to transformational, but many businesses and teams are at a loss on how to do this. This is where we step in,” said Paul Casement, director of sales and account management.

Business travel doesn’t sit in a silo

“We have seen the benefits, both in cost saving and satisfaction, from adopting a wider, holistic approach to travel and we want to share this with the wider travel community, encouraging a new way of working.”

The TMC argues that changes in the UK economy have led to a “noticeable shift in focus on travel spend over the past several years”, and believes many businesses have consolidated procurement roles, removing specific travel manager positions in favour of generalist procurement.

“Business travel doesn’t sit in a silo,” Casement added. “It is a central part to the entire business, and an emotive one at that. Failure to acknowledge the impact of getting your travel policy and travel partners wrong can have serious consequences.

The marketing initiative follows last year’s “Planes, Trains and Marginal Gains” report, and more recently its “Hearts & Minds” manifesto.

To download the report, click here

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