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28 Jun 2017
US carrier is offering bundles of add-on products through a direct connection
Easyjet Alexa
26 Jun 2017
Airline launches new option for passenger information
Redfern agent
26 Jun 2017
TMC has been reappointed as a supplier on digital marketplace
21 Jun 2017
Opening in autumn, centre will offer 150 workstations
London skyline
19 Jun 2017
Senior buyers and travel experts gather in London and Dublin for debates around the ‘digital revolution’ and how it impacts travel programmes
15 Jun 2017
UK proposal shortlisted in Elon Musk-inspired global challenge
15 Jun 2017
Content now available in TMC's booking platform
Cloud technology to ‘transform’ airport experience
13 Jun 2017
Travel technology firm claims new solution can save firms up to 65% on expense reporting
6 Jun 2017
The business travel organisation gets out its crystal ball in a new report
Paul Wait
6 Jun 2017
Wait questions the high level of surcharges being levied by BA and Lufthansa
5 Jun 2017
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1 Jun 2017
Travel and expense management firm will join SAP’s Seoul office
26 May 2017
An £8 charge will be added to any booking made through GDS from November
CWT meetings portal
25 May 2017
Deal signed with for UK and Ireland market
25 May 2017
TMC and expense management firm offer expanded access to clients
25 May 2017
Business travel giant also unveils higher profit for 2017
21 May 2017
New mobile platform allows travellers to stay within company policy
Uber ride request
17 May 2017
GMB wants Transport for London to impose conditions on taxi-hailing service
Adrian Pritchard, Deloitte lead travel partner
17 May 2017
Companies need to prepare for a new generation of travelling employees
15 May 2017
US-based TMC gains access to global inventory and discounted rates