Global TMC Travel and Transport has revealed its position on New Distribution Capability (NDC) and the evolution of airline distribution in a statement.

While the company acknowledged that NDC is gaining momentum and industry support, it said the new standard is “still very early in terms of realising the overall potential for many sections of the travel industry”.

Kristen Pratt, executive director of corporate initiatives for the TMC, commented: “In the end, we believe it still comes down to providing seamless service to the corporation and the individual traveller, and the ability for the airlines, distribution providers and TMCs to meet those needs together.”

Pratt went on to say that a simple and easy to use booking experience is key. “Our belief is the Global Distribution System (GDS) channel will likely prevail as the most effective place to source broad and aggregated content, beyond just air.”

Despite the cautious stance, Travel and Transport said it is committed to conducting research, investment and development efforts working with suppliers to determine which platform will be the best for its clients. It added that it understands “no one answer is right for every global market, nor is a single GDS the optimal platform for every market”.

The TMC said it conducts working sessions with each client during implementation planning to help them make the right decisions for their business.

Travel and Transport is currently signed up to Sabre’s Beyond NDC programme, which was launched to research and develop NDC solutions across the ecosystem of corporate travel.

Research by the Business Travel Show found that fewer buyers perceived NDC as a ‘good thing’ in 2018/19 than in 2017/18.

Travel and Transport has produced a full report on its stance on NDC, which can be accessed via its website.

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