Travel management platform TravelPerk has announced a partnership with Lufthansa Group Airlines to deliver New Distribution Capability (NDC) content for clients.

The platform is now connected to Lufthansa’s NDC API, which makes both the cheapest fares (via the NDC Smart Offer) and a range of ancillary options available to users.

TravelPerk says select customers have already been using the connection through a beta testing phase, during which time they have seen savings of as much as 37 per cent on the total cost of flights within Europe.

NDC is a new standard for the booking experience and will make it possible for airlines to display more details on fare options such as wifi, plugs, meals and seat layouts.

Lufthansa Group launched its NDC Partner Programme and NDC Smart Offer in the UK and Ireland last year, allowing agencies to integrate its airlines’ content, including the cheapest available fares. In 2015, the group introduced a distribution surcharge for bookings made through indirect and non-NDC channels, which it increased from £11.30 to £14 in June 2019.

TravelPerk’s platform aims to be a “one-stop shop” for business travel, offering content across hotels, trains, cars and air, among others, along with 24/7 support, the ability to build in a travel policy and reporting.

Commenting on the partnership, TravelPerk’s UK country manager Richard Viner said: “Business travellers expect their company’s travel management tool to provide the best prices in the market, with all fare types and dynamic package offering that they’ve come to enjoy when booking holidays. If they don’t, it leads to lack of trust, frustration and potential leakage.

“Our partnership with Lufthansa Group Airlines allows us to solve those problems through the NDC channel by providing tailored NDC content and bundles to meet their specific needs – leading to happy business travellers. Proof of this is our adoption rate of 97 per cent. Companies obviously love this too as it gives them a happier workforce and greater compliance, saving them time and money. Something they’ve not been able to do previously.”

Dr Stefan Kreuzpaintner, VP of sales for EMEA at Lufthansa Group Airlines, added: “We are excited about this partnership as TravelPerk is a fast-growing start-up in the distribution landscape. Our customer is always at centre stage and we believe that this partnership will foster modern airline retailing and jointly develop a unique customer experience.”;

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